What Elon Musk’s Tesla Model X vs. Model Y Look Like in 2025

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Brand Tesla
Model Model X & Y
Price $98,490 & $49,490
Release Date 2024

The electric SUV market is growing very rapidly day after day, and it looks like it’ll continue to do so for a long time. Tesla is one of top leading electric car brands, the undisputed king of electric car sales, and happens to have two distinct SUVs available to buy. The Model X has proven itself a powerful option for anyone in the mood for a full-size SUV.

The Model Y is a great option for those looking for a smaller and cheaper price car experience. Both cars offer standard SUV features like a high ride and enough cargo space, alongside several key Tesla features. Now, Let’s see both these super-sized electric SUVs compare What’s the Difference?

2025 Tesla Model X vs Model Y Specs:

Brands: Tesla Tesla
Model Name: Model X Model Y
USA Price: From $98,490 From $49,490
Range: 348 Miles 330 Miles
Charging Capacity: 250kW 250kW
High Speed: 135mph 155mph
0-60mph: 2.5 Seconds 3.5 Seconds

Design of 2025 Tesla Model X vs Model Y:

The design differences between the Tesla Model X and Model Y are relatively small from a distance, but they are more obvious and attractive. One of the largest exterior differences between the two cars is their rear doors. However, the Tesla Model X has butterfly doors at its rear, which Tesla calls “falcon wing doors”, while the Model Y has traditional great doors.

Model X also features a more interesting front-end design than the Y, with a small grill, the car’s badge, and more aggressive styling overall. Read More – 2025 Tesla Model 3 Highland

The interiors of both cars are also quite similar. Model X features more seats as standard and a pair of screens, a small driver’s display, and large infotainment. Model Y starts with just five seats and offers a single central screen that also displays your speed and other bits of driving information.

Model X Car

Model X Car

Drivetrain of Tesla Model X vs. Model Y:

The base Tesla Model Y is a rear-wheel drive system SUV. Now, this is a common format SUV for performance on roads. It helps to lower the overall weight and price of the car without harming day-by-day performance. You can get a dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration in the Model Y, but It may be one of the more expensive variants.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model X features all-wheel drive as standard, much like a more traditional SUV. This makes it better at driving off-road efficiently. Especially given that it has changeable-height air suspension, which the Y doesn’t have. But it also enhancement the prices that come with building the car.

2025 Tesla Model X vs Model Y Top Speed, Battery and Range:

An important factor in choosing an electric car is its range. This is where the Tesla Model X and Model Y look quite different ranges visible. The Tesla Model X has a battery capacity of 100 kWh, imparting a range of 348 miles for the standard Dual Motor variant. It cheapest Tesla Model Y features a comparatively small 60 kWh battery, enabling the car to acquire a 279-mile range; the Model Y Long Range bumps that up to 330 miles, almost matching the X.

As well as range, top speed is a choice for some drivers. They focus on speed, even if both cars can drive well above the legal limit for most of the world’s roads. The important thing is Tesla Model X can reach speeds up to 155 mph with its 670 horsepower maximum output, while the Model Y tops out at 135 mph with a total power of 351 horsepower.

Dimensions and Space Tesla Model X and Model Y 2025:

Dimensions are one of the main reasons that people buy SUVs; these cars tend to offer more space than similar-size alternatives. You expect the Tesla Model X to be the larger of the two cars, with a length of 5,057 mm and a width of 1,999 mm. whereas the Model Y has a length of 4,751 mm and a width of 1,921 mm.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model X

As standard models, the Model X has a comparatively small cargo capacity of 425 litres, while the Model Y has a generous 854 litre capacity. This applies to the Model X in its standard seven-seat configuration, which is also available for the Model Y but for an added price.

The Price of Tesla Model X vs Model Y 2025:

The Tesla Model X and Model Y share many design similarities, making the wide price gap between the cars one of the most obvious differences at first glance. It base price for the Tesla Model X is $98,490, while the Tesla Model Y is much the cheapest price, starting at $49,490. The lower price goes some way towards explaining the booming popularity of the Model Y. These prices reflect genuine differences in the specifications of each of the cars.

Which is Better Tesla Model X or Model Y?

Both the Tesla Model X vs. Model Y are highly capable electric SUVs with modern technology features, excellent range, and performance that will make even a car customer happy.

It’s impossible to say which is objectively better: the brand’s lineup of four trims: the Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y. Currently, Tesla cars have gained a lot of popularity. Also, they both serve different use cases and are aimed at different buyers. In this article, we’ve compared the Tesla Model X and Model Y in the areas that matter most to luxury EV shoppers. You might be surprised to see which one comes out on top.

How Much is the Tesla Model X or Model Y Ground Clearance?

The Tesla Model X has the most ground clearance of 206mm, while the Tesla Model Y has the most ground clearance of 172mm.

Do the Tesla Model X and Model Y Have Autopilot?

YES, Both the Tesla Model X and Model Y support Tesla’s self-driving Autopilot technology. You have to pay to be able to enable this feature on your car. As well as be willing to follow an appropriate set of rules while you use it. It would be best if you had a sure Tesla Safety Score to gain access to this highly circulated feature.

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