New 2024 Renault 5 Electric: Full Specs, Pricing & Release Date

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Brand Renault
Model 2024 5 Electric
Price £18,500
Release Date 2024

The 2024 Renault 5 Electric Car will release at the beginning of 2024. Till now, many users are waiting to buy this Electric Car. They are searching for its Release Date and Price. If you’re considering buying the Renault 5 Electric Car, You can see its detailed information from this content. It will help you get a complete concept of the Car. So, let’s check from the below. Read More – 2024 Model 3 Highland

The Renault 5 is one of the most iconic small cars in history, and its electric successor is set to take on the likes of the Honda e-Civic, Fiat 500 EV, and MINI Electric. To do so, it conceives with the sort of classic styling that should attract considerable attention.

2024 Renault 5 Electric Car Review

The Renault 5 Electric will be based on the firm’s CMF-BEV platform, designed specifically for small electric vehicles. This allows the manufacturer to shave off some of the cost by using up to 70% of the non-electric parts found in other models from its range. It’ll use a smaller front-mounted powertrain.

This will drive the Car’s front wheels via a 100kW electric motor, which Renault says will give it a driving experience that rivals more extensive and expensive models in this market segment. It’s not just the size of the motor and battery pack that will help, either – Renault says it’s been given a unique mechanical advantage by using a multi-link rear axle. Rivals such as the Mini Electric, for example, make do with a torsion beam setup that doesn’t provide the same level of agility.

2024 Renault 5 Electric Interior

The interior of the 2024 Renault 5 is more attractive than the exterior. Its interior fits with various high-tech systems and quality materials. The interior is extensive and gives a pleasant atmosphere. Five passengers can sit inside the Car.

Touchscreen Display Highlighting the attractive interior of the model will be a large touchscreen display attached to the main center of the car, which will be available to operate essential functions like a navigation system, temperature control app, and other settings. The touchscreen equips incredibly responsive functionality and easy-to-operate technology with various menus and visuals.

The 2024 Renault 5 will indeed come with luxurious looks and unimaginable features in terms of materials and finishes. According to experts, the interior will be furnished with high-quality materials. Above all, this new model will have solidly built seats and can provide a pleasant environment.

Engine 2.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine
Power 250 hp
Transmission Continuously Variable Automatic

2024 Renault 5 Electric Car Performace

Renault will offer the Car in a few different configurations, with up to 250 miles of range expected from the most potent model. The battery will be a 52 kWh unit, which will be enough to see it compete with the most popular hybrids in the market.

Renault 5 Electric

Renault 5 Electric

Renault 5 Electric

Renault 5 Electric

Inside, the cabin is packed with the latest tech, including a free-standing glass infotainment screen that displays instrument graphics in your line of sight, similar to a head-up display. The seats will be supportive and comfy, too, with a wide range of adjustments to suit the many different sizes of potential customers.

There are plenty of neat design touches, with a central console with an iPad dock and a high-resolution digital instrument cluster. It fits with an air quality sensor that will monitor your surroundings for particulates and other pollutants and automatically adjust the climate control settings accordingly.

2024 Renault 5 Electric Car Release Date

Renault 5 Electric is scheduled to arrive at dealers in 2024, although it won’t replace the current Zoe in the firm’s lineup – that job will fall to a hotter Alpine version of the new model, which already has a spot in testing.

2024 Renault 5 Electric Price:

Price is the first thing buyers consider when purchasing a vehicle. Customers are more interested in its value in the market for a new car. To wrap up your interest, here’s what price the upcoming New Renault 5 Electric will hit the global market with. Let’s take a look.

Country Name Price
2024 Renault 5 Electric Price in USA Start at $27,500
2024 Renault 5 Electric Price in Uk £21,500
2024 Renault 5 Electric Price in Canada CA$ 37,387
2024 Renault 5 Electric Price in Germany €25,000
2024 Renault 5 Electric Price in Australia AUD 41,000
2024 Renault 5 Electric Price in Singapore SGD 37,474


The 2024 Renault 5 Electric is an Upcoming B-Segment Electric Car with Styling based on the original Renault 5. Its production models are getting ready to hit the 2025 market. It will have a standard powertrain version. We expect to have a 100kW electric motor on the front axle. It mates to a circa 52kWh battery for an estimated 400 kilometers of lab-tested driving range.

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