First 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle: Price, Full Specs & Release Date

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Brand Canoo
Model 2024 Lifestyle Vehicle
Price $34,750
Release Date 2024

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Efficiency and Style: Exploring the 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Welcome to an in-depth review of the 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle! Designed specifically with urban dwellers in mind, this revolutionary electric vehicle delivers functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability – from its eye-catching exterior design to innovative interior features – redefining what it means to drive with purpose. Join us as we explore its efficiency, style, reliability, value, price, and release date – uncovering all the remarkable qualities that distinguish this remarkable EV!


Electric cars provide more efficient designs than their gasoline-fueled counterparts on American roads. An electric motor can be situated closer to the ground, while lighter battery packs save space inside the vehicle.

Designers are taking this opportunity to reimagine how vans look and add features such as spacious front windows, innovative doors, and cutting-edge electronics. These innovations may become commonplace in time as more drivers choose all-electric alternatives over gas-powered ones.

Canoo may have appeared to have an uncertain future just a year ago, but since then, they’ve made significant strides toward their 2024 production plan. Most notably, they recently signed a contract with Zeeba to add the Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle and Lifestyle Vehicle from Canoo into their fleet leasing portfolio, giving the company time to test out their new vehicle before going public and giving investors confidence that Canoo can meet its production goals.

The LV is a people carrier featuring five or seven seats and a 120 cubic-foot cargo hold, equipped with a panoramic front window and steer-by-wire technology, which reduces steering wheel size for more passenger space. According to CEO Tony Aquila, Canoo’s contract manufacturer has begun production this year and expects to deliver 15 saleable vehicles by year’s end. Once certified by regulatory bodies early next year, he hopes they’ll begin being delivered sometime during the second half of 2023.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Performance

The Canoo LV is built upon a class 1 commercial electric vehicle platform and can be converted into a passenger van or cargo truck. It features panoramic front windows to improve visibility and true steer-by-wire technology, delivering more usable interior space and enhanced driver ergonomics.

Inside EVs reports that Canoo has already won several fleet customers’ hearts and minds, such as Kingbee and Zeeba, with its Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) and Lifestyle Vehicle (LV). Both models feature spacious cabins that can seat up to seven passengers comfortably.

Jay loves electric cars and particularly enjoys Canoo’s battery-powered people carrier; however, he is less enthusiastic about its subscription-based business model and wonders whether or not its vehicle can compete with existing options in its category. Still, Jay remains hopeful and curious to see what else this startup has in store.

2024 Lifestyle Vehicle Value

Canoo announced an even higher net loss during Q1 2022, seemingly rendering its survival unlikely. Yet CEO Tony Aquila remains confident and stated that production would begin this year at their new Oklahoma City facility.

Initial production will include its Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle and Lifestyle Vehicle (LV). Both will be sold to fleet customers looking to replace traditional gas or diesel trucks and vans – such as last-mile delivery fleets, mobile goods carriers, ride-hailing services, food delivery companies, or trade professions.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Canoo announced in a press release today that Zeeba, a large fleet leasing provider, had committed to buying 5,450 LV and LDV EVs through 2024 from them – this is fantastic news that further validates their business model, but they need additional large orders like this to turn a profit at OKC; currently, this can only happen through receiving an ATVM loan from DOE.

2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle: Price

The 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Price is unavailable for this upcoming vehicle. This section contains 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle prices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Country Price
Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Price USA $34,750
Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Price UK £31,322
Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Price Australia $38,765.
Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Price Canada  $60,000

2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Release Date

Prepare yourself to embark upon an entirely new era of electric mobility with the highly anticipated 2024 Canoo. Production for this fully electric lifestyle vehicle will commence by late 2023 which is expected to be released in mid-2024 and has an affordable base price tag of $34,750 to offer fleet delivery, family vacations or road trips with its spacious SUV-sized interior, and electric powertrain options.


The 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is an innovative EV that seamlessly marries efficiency with style, reliability, value, and sustainability. Its forward-thinking design, impressive range, and versatile interior are highly attractive features that make this an appealing option for urban dwellers looking for eco-friendly transport that also looks good – ideal for city life in which space is at a premium.

And Canoo’s commitment to affordability and innovative ownership models means it will soon change how people view EV ownership models; embrace an entirely new era of efficient yet stylish mobility with the 2024 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle!

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