As we know Tesla Model 3 has been a nice place in the market for a long time. Powertrain single -motor, Rear-wheel -Drive Dual-motor, All-wheel-Drive

Horsepower 271 Horses 435Horses Torque 310 pound-Feet 363 pound-Feet 0-60 MPH 5.8 seconds 1.4 seconds Range 318 miles (est) 370 miles

The Model 3 Highland will be released in Canada and the USA in 2024. That’s why we all have to wait and see when Tesla founder Elon Musk

will release the car in the market. As far as possible, China will release the Canada and USA launch dates after the car’s launch in Australia

The 2024 Model 3 Features an elongated cut for the side autopilot cameras extending back to the front doors, Tesla offers new alloy wheels

Model 3 Flaunts revised, c- c-shaped lights that emphasize its sleek exterior. Block-lettered brand inscription instead of the “T” long

we expect the sedan to arrive before the end of 2024 pricing hasn`t been announced yet. The current model`s MSRP ranges from $40,380 to $41,240.

New Look 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland 0-60 MPH And 1/4-Mile Times will bring cutting-edge technology and a complete future