Tesla’s Cybertruck will use their stress skin construction method, instead of the more traditional frame method. According to Musk, its stainless steel body

Cybertruck features an interior featuring a 17-inch touchscreen that serves as the focal point. Additionally, there is a digital rearview mirror,

a race car-inspired steering wheel called a “yoke,” seating for six individuals, and advanced features such as a rolling cargo cover that doubles as a bed.

serious off-road capabilities in mind, with adjustable suspension and high ground clearance, fast charging capabilities, and up to 200 miles of range added in just 15 minutes

Interior styling will likely feature a minimalist approach with an expansive touchscreen display in the center console, according to leaks from Cybertruck Owners Club.

The Cybertruck will come equipped with either one, two, or three electric motors to meet your individual needs.

A single-motor model should reach 60mph within 6.5 seconds and top 110 mph; dual-motor models will reach 120 mph; while tri-motor Cybertrucks

Prepare yourself to witness an epic revolution in electric vehicle technology as Tesla prepares the unveiling of their 2024 Cybertruck.