The 2025 Alpine GT X-Over electric crossover will go through testing, and it appears that it has already started.

An experimental vehicle with a significantly modified Dacia Duster body was spotted by our undercover photographers while it was conducting testing in the Arctic Circle.

It is really difficult to imagine how the upcoming 2025 Alpine GT X-Over would look given that we are only considering

It will be based on the identical CMF-EV platform as the Nissan Ariya and the Renault Megane E-Tech, that is all we currently know.

This could imply that the upcoming Alpine crossover will be available with the same powertrain as the Megane E-Tech,

Therefore it’s likely the 2025 Alpine GT X-Over will go on sale before then. When it does arrive, expect it to cost more than the Alpine A110 sports car.

Huge Brembo brakes at the front are covered by massive 19-inch wheels from Renault’s previous Megane Trophy, balancing the Alpine’s power.

Renault, the GT X-Over will demonstrate “the excellence in sports vehicles” for which the brand is known. The company’s Dieppe plant,