engineering at its best.  Boasting striking design, exhilarating performance, hybrid technology, and cutting-edge innovation – you’re bound to be delighted

The Revuelto Hybrid from Lamborghini serves to future-proof its legendary V12 engine by featuring a plug-in hybrid system which elevates performance

to hypercar levels while simultaneously cutting emissions, benefiting our planet in turn. Three electric motors combined with its gas-powered 12-cylinder engine deliver 1001 horsepower;

Lamborghini recently unveiled their revolutionary carbon fiber mono fuselage to further decrease weight. Their new car features

this carbon frame which is 10 percent lighter and 25 percent stiffer compared to that used on Aventador, in order to further lower production costs

At the center of each car is a 3.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, recharged either through combustion engine use during motion or by plugging

powerful little unit can operate completely on electric power for short distances (Lamborghini estimates around six miles). Furthermore,

Citta drive mode prioritizes keeping this charge charged up. All this combined should cause the Revuelto Hybrid to weigh approximately 550 lbs.