Trendsetting Style - Head-turning good looks that won’t shy away from attention and deserve more than a quick glance.

Don't Follow Trends, Create them. Don't hold back, go all the way. Don't settle for the Ordinary, Embrace the Extraordinary.

Ride The New Wave

WR-V Intuitive and well-designed interior for the comfort of the driver and Passengers.

Trendsetting Comfort Style

New WR-V An Aerodynamic Silhouette that gives a Visually Appealing and Exhilarating Look.

Automatic LED Headlights

This car has to Improve Visibility and Safety by Minimize Blind Spots When Changing Lanes

Honda Lane Watch

New WR-V petrol strangely misses out on an engine start/stop button. You have to crank the engine with the turn of a key.

Engine START/STOP Button

The 2024 WR-V is packed with the best-in-class safety features so you can take on routine drives and new journeys with absolute peace of mind.

 Trendsetting Safety System

All New Honda WR-V Crossover SUV 2024 Officially News. So What's New? Give this car a new look

WR-V OutLook