Which includes a redesigned dashboard with integrated ambient lighting, and a revised steering wheel. Only a smaller 8.0-inch

There are many speculations and imaginations about how much the new model can fetch in the market compared to the Model 3 Highland.

expect the new model to cost a bit more than the Model 3. That’s why we’ll have to wait and see how much the car can fetch for sale in North Americ

officially announce when the updated model will hit the North American market but it is expected to hit the market as early as 2024.

As we all know the color that Tesla Model 3 uses, the Model 3 car mainly uses a red color called Ultra Rate.

In general, it looks like Tesla hasn’t changed the new Model 3. The exterior of the car has received subtle updates that we can see.

The front end is slightly sharper than the previous model. Updated headlights are Super Power LED daytime running lights.

The vehicle’s greenhouse process remains the same. What differentiates the new model from the previous model is its neat flush-mount door handles