Tesla Model 3 redesign Highland 2024. The latest model is expected to be a balanced epitome of luxury, comfort, performance, and sustainable transportation.

Customer interest in this modern vehicle is continuously increasing. We will discuss its full specifications, engine, interior, exterior, range, safety features, price,

Tesla Model 3 Highland is going to feature a sleek and stylish design. Tesla removed the previous headlights at the front of the car to improve the aerodynamics of this model

They’re narrower and thinner, and a little more aggressive and classy. The Model 3 Highland refresh increased the length by 26mm and lowered the height by 2mm.

Speaking of weight, the New Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024 is significantly heavier than the previous generation. 216 pounds heavier than the previous model.

A large/heavy-powerful battery pack is present. Heavy doors and front and rear tracks each increased by 4 mm for safety.

AWD drivetrains available Its engine battery capacity is going to be single-motor 170 kW in RWD and battery capacity dual-motor 250 kW for all-wheel drive.

The RWD engine of this upcoming model is expected to produce 271 hp and 310 lb-ft while the AWD engine is expected to produce 435 hp and 363 lb-ft.