The only real change is the swap from the old Tesla “T” logo to the full “TESLA” logo, which spans the width of the rear of the car.

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 was taken in the changes of the cabin, but the interior material quality is said to be better than before.

interior redesign is more thorough Updates have been made. Which includes a redesigned dashboard with integrated ambient lighting, and a revised steering wheel.

Only a smaller 8.0-inch touchscreen has been added to the back of the center console for rear-seat passengers.

long-range model will upgrade the car to an all-wheel drive. As we all know the color that Tesla Model 3 uses, the Model 3 car mainly uses a red color called Ultra Rate.

The car will be available in a standard range and a long-range model. While the standard range model will likely only be available in a rear-wheel drive

In general, it looks like Tesla hasn’t changed the new Model 3. The exterior of the car has received subtle updates that we can see.