Elon Musk’s only company, Tesla, invented new things that put the whole world on the shelves Elon Musk’s new car which is going viral on social media called Cybertruck.

As far as we know, what’s inside this car in 2024 and what model it might come in is what’s on the inside of people’s minds.

As far as we know, an initial Tesla Cybertruck Pickup event began at the Los Angeles Museum on October 7, 2023.

While we still don’t know when Tesla will bring the car to market or plan to sell it, the automaker’s expected electric pickup Truck is expected to arrive soon.

This is going to be one such car that didn’t stop the Petersen Museum, a famous car museum in Los Angeles, from selling it at auction.

The car won the hearts of many spectators, but the test car is expected to be released in early 2024. Tickets for the event were $1,750 per person.

That’s about five times what the high-end version of the electric truck is expected to launch. Funds are expected to go to the museum,

An early 2024 Tesla Cybertruck reportedly sold for $400,000 at the Petersen Auto Museum 29th gala, according to several social media posts