Recently, it has been readied for production again. Byton is putting M-Byte through brute-force testing with about 100 prototypes running.

Byton will open an R&D center at its new Nanjing factory, where it will continue to push the envelope on electric vehicles, user interface, and transportation technologies,

Byton, a startup company, is focused on building electric vehicles. The production version looks very similar to the original concept.

It adds side-view stock mirrors, pop-out door handles, and a different wheel design. Check out some pictures of the Byton M-Byte here.

It features a 4K curved 48-inch infotainment display, a 7-inch display on the steering wheel with integrated airbags, and Javin-Car gesture control technology.

The interior of the M-Byte will be well-appointed in stitched leather with metallic accents. But the M-Byte’s party piece is the front seats,

Dual electric motors exist as 2024 byton M-byte engine configurations. Whereas rear-wheel-drive models are powered by a single 268-hp electric motor.

horsepower of 402 in acceleration. Byton claims the single-motor rear-wheel-drive setup is good for a 7.5-second zero-to-62-mph time,