which redefines what is possible and redefines design boundaries with futuristic features, unsurpassed capability, and impressive range.

Join us as we delve into its exceptional features to witness first-hand how power meets performance for an experience unlike any other!

Tesla fans likely already have an idea of what the Cybertruck will look like thanks to leaked images. Forum members have captured pictures

of it cruising Tesla’s small test track; its unusual design could prove formidable road warriors when production models hit the streets.

The Cybertruck differs from traditional trucks in its use of stress skin construction – consisting of thick 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel material which

has been touted to be so hard that it cannot be bent by traditional machines. Musk has taken to boasting about this vehicle’s strength by saying it is bulletproof against 9mm handguns.

A large touchscreen display will dominate its cabin, providing advanced driver-aid features similar to what can be found in Tesla vehicles.