The 2024 Dodge Demon is one of the strongest challengers ever. Its supercharged A Supercharged powerful engine can output more power than the 6.2-liter V-8.

First Look

As a result, the Dodge Demon feels like an extension of your body, with more precise steering, better control, and less fatigue.


Outside Looking

A powerful drivetrain and a fuel system that can deliver an astounding 164 gallons of fuel per hour. Dodge can build up to 3,300 units of which 3,000



Like all other vehicles, the Demon’s infotainment touchscreen is powered by Dodge’s easy-to-use UConnect system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.



Dodge Demon offers refined details and luxurious materials throughout, such as 3-level heated seats with Terracotta Nappa leather



Time to get my into the modern world by upgrading the headlights with some 7" LED headlamps. These are the typical "jeep 7-inch" lamps



A 7-inch touchscreen with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, HD Radio, Bluetooth, a six-speaker audio system, keyless entry, and push-button start are among them


Top Speed

Equipped with 17-inch high-performance tires the 2024 Dodge Demon carries a speed rating of 149 MPH.