2024 Aptera Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Review, Pricing & Full Specs

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Welcome to the future of automotive innovation – witness it firsthand through the groundbreaking 2024 Aptera Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle! This remarkable car combines solar energy and cutting-edge electric propulsion technology, revolutionizing efficiency and sustainability within automotive.

In this blog post, we will embark on an expedition of discovery as we discover its remarkable features and capabilities, leading the charge toward greener and more eco-friendly transportation! Prepare yourself for an in-depth exploration of this groundbreaking electric vehicle, which marries innovation with efficiency like never before.


The Aptera stands out from its counterparts on the road, recalling something you might see rolling along in The Mandalorian (albeit without floating and using lightsabers as power sources). By design, its distinctive appearance results from years spent studying fluid dynamics and optimizing efficiency, reducing weight, wind drag, and internal component power use, allowing drivers to travel further with less effort.

Launch Edition can go from zero to 60 in just 3.5 seconds and boasts an impressive coefficient of weight of 0.13. Furthermore, this carbon-neutral car emits no CO2e/mi and NOx/VOC criteria pollutants – perfect for driving through traffic jams in style! CCarbon’s innovative composite body is also easier to produce and faster to deliver, enabling more volume production with local manufacturing facilities.


Aptera was designed to cover 1,000 miles on each charge with its lightweight yet efficient electric drive system, aerodynamic design, and use of advanced materials. Its two-seat cabin features an LCD widescreen monitor instead of traditional rearview mirrors; digital cameras assist each side for left/right vision.

Aptera has met its promise of 2020 production by tapping into existing global supply chains and Southern California’s extensive automotive engineering talent pool. Aptera is conducting its Delta phase, including crash testing and validation, to ensure solar EVs meet stringent safety standards before beginning production at Carlsbad this year. As with other EV startups that have tried and failed, it remains challenging for this startup to gain approval to build new cars from scratch.

Highlights Aptera Solar-Powered Electric

  • The Aptera three-wheeler car reduces friction lost during a ride on the ground.
  • Aptera offers Advanced Motors
  • drag coefficient (CD) of only 0.13
  • It has a dolphin’s belly structure.
  • Solar Recharging Capabilities
  • Lightweight Composite Materials
  • It is more aerodynamic & more efficient than the Tesla Model 3 & Toyota Corolla.

Specification of 2024 AAptera’sSolar-Powered Electric Vehicle

Acceleration 0-60mph in 3.5-5.5 sec
Battery Range 250-1,000 miles
Drive System
  • 100kw – FWD
  • 150kw – AWD
Daily Solar Charge Capacity 16-40 miles
Exterior Colors
  • 1. Luna Silver
  • 2. Sol White
  • 3. Sol White
  • 4. Custom (+ $1,500)
Interior Colors
  • Coast
  • 2. Codex
  • 3. Vida
  • 4.Custom (+ $900)


Aptera asserts that its vehicle can travel five times further without needing to plug in, using regenerative braking to capture energy lost during stops and recharge it while it sits parked. Solar cars with diamond-shaped solar panels maximize solar energy capture, giving fully equipped vehicles 700W of charging power. They can travel 0-60 in four seconds with an impressive 1,000-mile range.

However, before production can begin, much ground must be covered first. They’ll have to secure funding and prove consumers are ready for this form of green transport.


Aptera Motors stands out from other EV startups like Rivian and Lucid Motors by emphasizing efficiency over rugged utility. Their futuristic three-wheeler design stands out amongst any others on the road today. This wingless design glides through the air with an impressive drag coefficient of just 0.13. It is built out of lightweight composite materials that are more robust than steel and can withstand more abuse.

Aptera’s high performance allows it to avoid using fuel-based emissions. When produced at scale, it is expected to emit zero grams of greenhouse gas and criteria pollutants per mile. Beyond making an eco-friendly car itself, Aptera sources materials from responsible suppliers and employs environmentally friendly manufacturing processes; additionally, it seeks grants to accelerate market adoption of its innovative EV product.

Aptera’sSolar-Powered Electric Vehicle Price & Release Date

Aptera is thrilled to unveil their Launch Edition vehicle – and take part in shaping sustainable transportation with over 40,000 pre-orders already! Aptera Solar-Powered EV, scheduled to debut in 2023, promises to make waves within the automotive industry.

Although pricing details have yet to be finalized, Aptera plans to produce at least 5,000 Launch Edition models as initial production, with expansion depending on market demands. We eagerly anticipate its official release date to witness firsthand its revolutionary mix of solar power and electric mobility offered by the 2024 Aptera Solar-Powered EV!


The 2024 Aptera Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle marks a dramatic breakthrough in automotive efficiency and environmental responsibility. Boasting integrated solar power and electric propulsion, this vehicle sets new standards of innovation and environmental consciousness – its futuristic design, impressive range, and exceptional energy efficiency make it one of the pioneering electric vehicle products available on the market today – setting an excellent example of how innovation can drive us toward greener and more eco-friendly future.

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