2025 Subaru Impreza RS Review – Pricing & Full Specs [Update]

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2025 Subaru Impreza RS This new model car will have a quiet cabin, a substantial body structure, and an advanced chassis. There are also several modern features along with quality equipment. One aspect of the Subaru Impreza could be the next evolutionary step for the well-traveled nameplate. Either of two modern flat-four engines will power the Impreza. Also, like all Subaru BRZ sports car reservations, all-wheel drive will be standard.

The car offers enhanced sportiness on twisty roads like the top RS model. This is given its intuitive infotainment attractive system. The turbocharged WRX offered in the Impreza can be nearly as exhilarating as the performance sedan. Regarding cabin materials, you can expect one of the rivals like Mazda 3. This will not offer anything spectacular or outstanding in its revived Impreza. As a result, it continues to be an honest little car with a bit more personality than before.

Brand Subaru
Made In Japanese
Release Date 2025
Model 2025 Impreza RS
Body Type Sport Car
Engine DOHC 16-valve 2.0-litre flat-4

2025 Subaru Impreza RS Engine

A turbocharged and inter-cooled DOHC 16-valve 2.0-litre flat-4 powers the 2025 Subaru Impreza RS model. The Subaru Impreza RS comes with the best-power electric engine in long range. It has a 2.5L Supercharged V6 turbocharged engine produces around 182 horsepower and 178 pound-feet of torque. Engine dimensions are Wheelbase – 105.1 inches, Length – 174 inches, Width – 70 inches, Height – 57 inches, Passenger – 5 Seater.

2025 Subaru Impreza RS: Fuel Economy and MPG

The upcoming car model may feature the highest fuel-economy rating from the EPA for the two-cylinder engine head. It will include a turbocharged 2-litre capable of up to 34 mpg highway with front-wheel drive and a CVT. This smaller engine has a 2.5-litre mill that can drop the figure to 27 mpg. The car was initially offered with all-wheel drive and can get 30 mpg highway with the six-speed automatic net.

2025 Subaru Impreza RS Transmission, Features and Performance

A turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 2.0-litre flat-4 powers the Subaru Impreza RS lineup. The base version of the car is powered by a 2-litre rated at 182 horsepower and an optional 3.5-litre unit bumped up to 178. The model will be upgraded to a six-speed automatic on its AWD variants.

The new model will feature a larger 2.5L supercharged V6 with AWD Subaru Impreza RS Avenir. It can reach 60 mph in less than 9.7 seconds. The Subaru Impreza RS will feature a more powerful engine than some luxury-brand rivals. This can offer the car a much faster acceleration time. The acceleration of the Subaru Impreza RS may make more sense than the results.

2025 Subaru Impreza RS: Price

Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation has not released the 2025 Subaru Impreza RS pricing information. The new car may cost a bit more than the previous model year. The vehicle may start at around $77,100.

However, Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation may adjust the price of this model periodically. Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation depends on factors such as production costs, supply and demand, and competition. Below is a list of possible prices for the Subaru Impreza RS car in several countries:

Country Price
2025 Subaru Impreza RS Price in the United States $77,100
2025 Subaru Impreza RS Price in the United Kingdom GBP 179,000
2025 Subaru Impreza RS Price in Canadian CA $31,795
2025 Subaru Impreza RS Price in Qatar 101,483 QAR

2025 Subaru Impreza RS: Release Date

Japanese automaker Subaru Corporation has not announced a release date for the Subaru Impreza RS. However, the previous release date is mainly based on the schedule. The Subaru Impreza RS is expected to be released in early 2025. The exact release date varies by country and region. You may visit our website regularly for updates on release dates for these content updates.


The 2025 Subaru Impreza RS will be a spacious, reliable car with advanced safety and technology features. We are sure that the Subaru Impreza RS will be a popular choice for you. You can visit our website regularly to learn about the various features of this new model car. We are definitely updating our site constantly.


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