2025 Dodge Challenger Review, Pricing And Release Date

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2025 Dodge Challenger Review, Pricing And Release Date! Step into an automotive revolution as we discover the unrivalled power and performance of the 2025 Dodge Challenger. This iconic American muscle car has undergone a revolutionary change that redefines its raw strength while improving technology.

Join us as we journey through all its innovative features, heart-pumping capacities, jaw-dropping design features, and stunning capabilities to experience first-hand why Dodge once more raised the bar to deliver an unmatched driving experience!

2025 Dodge Challenger Powertrain

Dodge plans to keep its Challenger and Charger nameplates alive through electric models but hasn’t given up on internal combustion yet. According to press releases from Dodge, their latest concept uses an 800-volt system known as Banshee that exceeds Hellcat engine performance in key metrics.

According to the company, the system will also offer drivers access to a ‘PowerShot’ feature that increases output by 15% when necessary. However, its inclusion into production cars should allow them to cover a quarter mile in under three seconds.

Chrysler’s STLA Large platform will serve as the basis of this electric muscle car concept, allowing engineers to engineer high-output motors capable of producing 150-330 kW (201-442 hp). That power should enable it to match the Tesla Model S P100D on race tracks while competing against modern sports sedans for daily driving duties.

2025 Dodge Challenger Price And Release Date

The 2025 Dodge Challenger will make its long-awaited debut sometime during fall 2024, to the delight of muscle car fans worldwide. According to current estimates, its starting price should be approximately $31,295, offering muscle car enthusiasts an accessible entry point into this iconic vehicle.

In addition, the 2025 Dodge Challenger electric variant could start under $50,000, with top-of-the-line models reaching up to $100,000 in price. Stay tuned as the release and pricing details of this highly anticipated muscle car come closer; unleash its power and experience the thrill of driving with the 2025 Dodge Challenger!

The Ride

Dodge is undertaking one of the toughest challenges ever in automakers’ history: convincing an audience used to the sound and scent of V8 engines to switch to electric cars. To demonstrate its efforts at the 2022 SEMA Show, it displayed its Charger Daytona Concept, which looks, shifts, and sounds like any muscle car but lacks a gas engine.

Contrary to other electric vehicles, the Daytona can be customized in terms of performance. Starting from an entry-level model that features a 400V system capable of producing 455 horsepower to the top Banshee model that delivers 755 horses, there’s something here for every budget and power upgrade requirement!

Dodge has not released pricing details for the Daytona yet; however, an SRT Performance Pages infotainment screen that displays 0-60 times, gauge information, and g-force data will be included with each car. In addition to these capabilities, an instrumentation-focused mode will highlight driving performance.

The Technology

The 2025 Dodge Challenger will be powered by Stellantis’ STLA Large platform, capable of covering 500 miles. Furthermore, two increased eStage Kit DC power levels will help drivers further maximize performance and efficiency. Tim Kuniskis’ team seems committed to convincing customers of the benefits of an 800-volt future and is diligently persuading customers that this technology may offer them just as much power.

They claim it will have comparable 0-60 and quarter-mile times with those produced by gasoline-powered Challenger and Charger models – even exceeding Hellcat engine specs in some instances! Although it might take some convincing for sceptical Dodge customers to embrace an 800-volt future, his team seems determined that all will eventually embrace it.

The company also offers its groundbreaking eRupt transmission, designed to feel more like an automatic. Programmable modes allow drivers to customize driving experiences while learning their habits over time, which can further optimize driving and fuel economy performance.

2025 Dodge Challenger Design

Dodge must find an innovative solution if it wants its future muscle car fans to purchase electric vehicles to attract them away from V8 engines and gas-guzzling models and toward battery-powered models that look, drive, shift, and accelerate like traditional muscle cars.

At the 2022 SEMA show, Dodge displayed a concept vehicle that appeared ready for production and even featured its classic split deltoid logo, Fratzog, from its use during the 1960s and ’70s. This iconic mark can also be found on new concept wheels designed to increase horsepower for quarter-mile sprints or Costco shopping runs.

Underneath its muscular body are Stellantis’ STLA Large platform and Chrysler’s Hurricane inline-six engine – both part of Stellantis’ STLA Large architecture – and Chrysler’s Hurricane inline-six engine. Mopar Insider reports that Chrysler plans to offer two versions, standard-output (SO) and high-output (HO), providing two power levels. Dodge intends to upgrade the 400V stage Kit power level for nine total output options.


In an ever-evolving automotive world, the 2025 Dodge Challenger stands as an unprecedented game-changer. Boasting unparalleled power and performance, this means machines have set new standards in modern-day muscle car ownership. From speed enthusiasts to engineering admirers alike, its performance will leave you speechless; embrace the future of driving today by giving this magnificent piece its due. Let the road be your playground.

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