2025 Acura RSX Review, Pricing And Release Date

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The 2025 Acura RSX is a bold reimagining of the brand’s iconic sports coupe. It combines cutting-edge technology, luxury, and performance, aimed at setting new standards in its class. With an emphasis on providing a dynamic driving experience, the RSX is designed to appeal to both long-time Acura aficionados and newcomers alike.

  • Size: The car is 172.2 inches long, 67.91 inches wide, and 55.12 inches tall. The wheelbase is 101.18 inches.
  • Powerful Engine: The RSX has a powerful engine with a displacement of 121.9 cu-in / 1998 cm3. The horsepower ranges from 153 HP to 207 HP, providing a strong performance.
  • Compact Size: The car is 172.2 inches long, 67.91 inches wide, and 55.12 inches tall. The wheelbase is 101.18 inches.
  • Lightweight: The curb weight of the car ranges from 2721 lbs / 1234 kg to 2840 lbs / 1288 kg. This lightweight construction helps the car to accelerate quickly and provide a responsive driving experience.
  • Sporty Design: The RSX has a sporty and stylish design that stands out. It’s designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Comfortable Interior: The interior of the RSX is designed with comfort in mind. It has a well-designed cabin with high-quality materials and modern features.


Acura has always offered an appealing palette of colors, and the RSX is no exception. The 2025 model will be available in a range of colors, including some brand-new options curated to highlight its sleek lines and modern design. Expect classic hues like Performance Red Pearl and Majestic Black Pearl, alongside new additions that will be exclusive to the RSX.

2025 Acura RSX Design

The design of the 2025 RSX is a harmonious blend of elegance and aggression. Its silhouette is a nod to the classic sports coupe form, while incorporating modern design elements like sharp lines, an imposing front grille, and innovative lighting technology. The interior doesn’t skimp on luxury or technology, offering a cockpit that’s both driver-focused and comfortably sophisticated.

2025 Acura RSX Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the RSX doesn’t disappoint. The base model is expected to feature a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, delivering an impressive balance of power and efficiency. For those seeking more exhilaration, a higher-performance variant with a V6 engine and SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) will also be available, promising breathtaking performance and unmatched driving dynamics.

2025 Acura RSX Release Date

The 2025 Acura RSX is anticipated to hit showrooms in the second half of 2024.

2025 Acura RSX Price

While official pricing has not been announced, it is expected that the 2025 Acura RSX will have a starting price in the low $40,000 range. 

List of some features of the car:

  1. Next-Generation Infotainment System: The RSX debuts the latest iteration of Acura’s infotainment system, which is expected to feature a more intuitive interface, enhanced voice recognition capabilities, and seamless integration with mobile devices. This system aims to provide a more connected and user-friendly experience.
  2. Advanced Driver Assistance Features: Building on Acura’s legacy of safety, the new RSX incorporates cutting-edge driver assistance technologies. These are likely to include improved adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and a more sophisticated collision mitigation system, providing drivers with enhanced safety and convenience.
  3. Aggressive SH-AWD System: The 2025 RSX enhances its Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system, offering a more aggressive setup designed to improve handling and performance in all driving conditions. This system allows for better torque distribution between the wheels, enhancing the car’s agility and stability.

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