2024 VinFast VF7: Reviews, Pricing & Release Date

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Brand VinFast
Model 2024 VF7
Price $37,000
Release Date 2024

Hello everyone, welcome to our website. Thank you for visiting our websites. Today we will talk about the upcoming New 2024 VinFast VF7: Reviews, Pricing & Release Date. The VF 7 is a medium electric car, according to VinFast. The 2024 VinFast VF7 Compact EV SUV has been unveiled by the Vietnamese startup VinFast as a 2024 model.

This new model will sit above the cheaper VF6 SUV and below the larger VF8 SUV in the company’s planned lineup. The two-row VF7 is roughly the size of a Mazda CX-5 SUV. The world got a close look at both the VF7 and VF6 during their simultaneous debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2022.

The 2024 VF7 appears to be a promising vehicle, thanks to its sleek body lines and opulent interior. The price, design, engine, performance, and other details of the New 2024 VF7 card are provided below.

2024 VinFast VF7 Price

Country Price
2024 VinFast VF7 Price In USA $37,000
2024 VinFast VF7 Price In UK €26,133
2024 VinFast VF7 Price in Australia $56,000

2024 VinFast VF7 Release Date

Production of these new EV SUVs is expected to begin in mid to late 2024. The arrangements for VF 6 and VF 7 begin in March 2023. The price of 2024 VinFast was announced, so it is difficult to speculate. But we know these VinFast offerings aren’t cheap they’re launching as more premium EV SUV offerings.

What is New?

The VinFast VF7 is a brand-new product. Production is expected to begin around the end of 2023. Even though the VF7 is an entirely new car from a young carmaker, anyone who has sat inside a new, contemporary SUV will feel right at home. The interior of the electric crossover retains the simplicity of the exterior, while the dashboard is set aside by a large 15.6-inch touchscreen. While the VF7 Plus has imitation leather upholstery, the VF7 Eco only has fabric upholstery.

VinFast VF7

VinFast VF7

New 2024 VF7 Engine

The Eco model is front-wheel drive. It has a single motor and expects to generate 201 horsepower and 228 pound-feet of torque. In the Plus model, all-wheel drive has two motors, and all-wheel drive, has two motors. It expects to generate 349 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque. The output of the VF7 Eco model is the same as that of the Plus version of the smaller VF6 crossover.

New 2024 VinFast VF7 Performance

The Eco model is front-wheel drive with just one engine. It is put out 201 horsepower and 228 pound-feet of torque. The additional model is an all-wheel drive with two engines. It produces 349 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque. In addition, the output of the 2024 VF7 Eco model is the same as that of the Plus trim of the cheaper VF6 crossover.

Although it’s safe to assume that the two use the same driving hardware, neither the battery nor the drive’s specifications are known. According to VinFast, the VF7, along with the VF6, VF8, and VF9. It will be covered by an incredible 10-year, 125,000-mile warranty, making it the best in the industry. We will update you as soon as additional details become available.

2024 VF7, ECO, And Plus Vehicle Specification

VF7 ECO Plus
  • Overall dimension (LxWxH)
  • Battery Capacity
  • Max. power
  • Max. torque
  • WLTP estimated range 1
  • Over-the-air update
  • Advanced driving assistance 4
  • 178.9 x 74.4 x 64.4 (in)
  • 75.3 (kWh)
  • 201 (hp)
  • 228 (Ib-ft)
  • 280 (mi)
  • Yes
  • Highway Assist (Level 2)
  • 178.9 x 74.4 x 64.4 (in)
  • 75.3 (kWh)
  • 348 (hp)
  • 368 (Ib-ft)
  • 268 (mi)
  • Yes
  • Highway Assist (Level 2)

VinFast VF7 2024 Battery Life & Charging

The VF 8’s 82-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery system is expected to last 248 miles in the Plus edition and 260 miles in the Eco model on a single charge. A larger, 87.7 kWh battery pack increases the distances to 292 and 277 miles, respectively.

VinFast VF7

VinFast VF7

Please keep in mind that all of these range estimates are based on the European WLTP standard. Using the EPA test, the figures should drop by 10% or more. In terms of charging, VinFast claims that by using a public fast charger. The base VF 8 package can charge from 10% to 70% in 31 minutes or less.

Information & Connectivity

The VinFast VF7 includes common connectivity features such as wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto, as well as voice command Amazon Alexa. The company plans to install two unusual apps: in-car opera programs and what3words. Which uses a distinctive combination of three phrases for every three square meters of the world. An intense jam session is occasionally a technique that can minimize traffic jams.

The VF7 2024 will be available as a comfortable electric crossover with interior options such as fine vegan leather and a panoramic sunroof. A dynamic LED light bar in the front and a rear trademark. As a result, LED lighting is one of its exterior features. Each VF 7 will almost certainly include several kinds of active driver-assist technologies.

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