2024 Huawei Car Electric Full Review, Pricing & Release Date

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Brand Huawei
Model 2024 Huawei Car Electric
Price 37,440 USD
Release Date 2024

2024 Huawei Car Electric Full Review, Pricing & Release Date! Huawei Technologies is a Chinese multinational technology corporation. It mainly manufactures smart devices and electronic devices. This reputed company is going to gift us some advanced cars in 2024.

Huawei has been planning to produce electric cars under its brand for a long time and some models could be launched in 2024. We have tried to discuss in detail in the article about the electric cars with which Huawei can appear in 2024. Please read the article carefully to get the necessary information.

Top 3 2024 Huawei Car Electric:

Here we give you the Top 3 2024 Huawei Car Electric details. Let’s see.

  1. 2024 Huawei Aito M9
  2. 2024 Huawei Luxeed S9
  3. 2024 Huawei Luxeed S7 Pro

1) 2024 Huawei Aito M9:

The upcoming 2024 Huawei Aito M9 flagship promises unmatched performance and an attractive aesthetic design. It is estimated to deliver 230 kW of horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. This model will feature a powerful 97.682 kWh battery. Aito M9 can have an estimated range of 630 km. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h will take 4.4 seconds to provide a pleasant driving experience, the trusted website estimates.

2024 Huawei Car Electric

Here you will find a refined interior designed for both elite style and comfort. The Center console of the Aito M9 features a smooth, floating touchscreen display of 15.6-inches. Its exterior design is subtle and effective. This model also gets a refreshed front fascia, redesigned headlights, and taillights updated wheel design, cross-traffic alert, rear parking aid, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, speed alert, and rear seat belt enhanced features.

2024 Aito M9 Full Specifications:

Here we give you the 2024 Huawei Aito M9 some exciting & interesting features. Let’s take a look.

Brand Huawei
Model 2024 Huawei Car Electric
Made in China
Release Date December 2023 (expected)
Starting Price Starting Range 70000-84000 USD
Powertrain Dual Motor{ Pure electric (BEV)}
Transmission Single-Speed Direct Drive
Drive Type AWD
Power & Torque 230 kW & 750 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds
Top Speed 180 km/h
Battery Capacity 97.682 kWh
Length 5230 mm
Width 1999 mm
Height 1800 mm
Wheelbase 3,110 mm
Curb Weight 2,445 kg
Seats 6
Door 5

2024 Aito M9 Price & Release Date:

Huawei Aito M9 flagship SUV is going to hit the market at an expected price of 500,000-600,000 Yuan (70,000-84,000 USD). Although its presale started in September 2023, experts expect this modern model to reach the global market in December 2023.

Although we don’t have enough official information about the release and price of this model, the article will be updated as soon as the official information is available.

Aito M9

2) 2024 Huawei Luxeed S9:

Luxeed S9, an all-electric fastback SUV is being produced through a joint venture between tech giants Huawei and Chery. It’s already causing quite a stir in the EV community. Its sleek exterior and attractive interior are ready to impress.

An advanced feature of the Luxeed S9 is its choice of three battery options. Buyers can choose from a 62 kWh capacity LFP battery, an 82 kWh M3P (NMC+LFP) battery, or a 100 kWh high-capacity NMC battery.

2024 Huawei Luxeed S9 Basic Information:

Model Luxeed S9, 2024
Release Date Expected June, 2024
Starting Price Start at 37,440 USD
Motor Type Electric motor
Battery Capacity LFP for 62 kWh, M3P (NMC+LFP) for 82 kWh, and NMC for 100 kWh
Range 531 miles
Power & Torque 610 hp & 752 lb-ft
Transmission Single-Speed
Drive Type AWD
Acceleration 0 to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds
Top Speed 112 mph
Door & Seat 4 & 5

Huawei Luxeed S9 Price & Release Date:

Huawei Luxeed S9 all-electric SUV is expected to hit the Chinese market in the second quarter of 2024. Also, there is no official announcement about its release. The starting price of this upcoming model is estimated to be 37,440 USD or 266,400 yuan.

Huawei Luxeed S9

3) 2024 Huawei Luxeed S7 Pro:

Huawei Luxeed S7 Pro is an attractive modern flagship sedan refined for both style and comfort. Advanced design gets a refined interior and stunning exterior outlook A smooth, floating touchscreen display 12.3-inch is expected to exist.

You can also get a powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate 62 kWh battery. The upcoming Luxeed S7 Pro is estimated to deliver 315 kW of horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. It has an estimated range of 551 km and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is estimated at 5.5 seconds.

2024 Huawei Car Electric Basic Info:

  • Model: Luxeed S7 Pro 2024
  • Release Date: Late 2024
  • Starting Price: Start at $35200 (Expected)
  • Battery Capacity: Lithium Iron Phosphate 62 kWh
  • Motor Type: Dual Motors
  • Horsepower: 315 kW
  • Torque: 450 lb-ft
  • Range: 551 km
  • Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic
  • Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds
  • Top Speed: 160 mph
  • Seating Capacity: 5 Seater
  • Doors: 5 Doors

Huawei Luxeed S7 Pro

Huawei Luxeed S7 Pro Price & Release Date:

There is no official announcement from Huawei about its 2024 Huawei Car Electric release date. However, according to various trusted websites and special sources, the attractive modern flagship sedan may be released in the global market by the end of 2024. Although its official price is currently unknown, the starting price of this model is expected to be $35200 (Expected).

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