New 2024 Ford Expedition: Full Specs, Pricing & Review

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Brand Ford
Model 2024 Expedition
Price $55,000
Release Date 2024

Are you looking for a super powerful and comfortable SUV car that can take you on long journeys and handle your family’s needs? Look no further than the 2024 Ford Expedition. This full-size Ford SUV boasts enough cargo space and a spacious interior with comfortable seating for up to eight passengers.

With a standard twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine producing 380 horsepower and limited models offering an output of 440 horsepower with the Stealth Performance Package, the Expedition provides all the power you need. Ford will likely give its massive SUV a moderate styling refresh and some tech upgrades for 2024,

Such as a new dashboard design, higher quality materials, and an updated infotainment system with a standard 12.0-inch touchscreen or portrait mode 15.5-inch touchscreen display. It has a more spacious interior than the Chevy Tahoe, providing passengers in the third row with plenty of comfort and space. Furthermore, this model boasts an impressive towing capacity.

2024 Ford Expedition Price

Last year saw the debut of an updated Expedition with minor styling updates and two special editions: Timberline and King Ranch. Additionally, Ford implemented extensive technology updates such as their hands-free highway driving system, “BlueCruise.” The 2024 Ford Expedition is expected to start from $55,000. This price can be increased to almost $90,000 if you add more customizations.

2024 Ford Expedition Release Date

The release date of the 2024 Ford Expedition Release is expected to be around Fall 2023. Even though the name is the 2024 Ford Expedition, the exact release date will be at the end of 2023. The 2024 Ford Expedition is an all-purpose full-size SUV designed to do it all, from three rows of comfortable seating for six passengers to a towing capacity of 9,300 pounds. Ford recently gave this tough family carrier a major makeover, including new Timberline and Stealth trim levels and Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free road driving system.

Features of the 2024 Ford Expedition

While the Expedition’s truck-like roots provide plenty of power, this SUV also boasts three rows of comfortable seating and ample cargo space. It can even tow up to 9,300 pounds when properly equipped, making it an excellent family hauler and trailer puller.

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

The Expedition features a standard twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine which produces 380 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque, while limited models may add the Stealth Performance Package that raises this output to 440 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. Ford’s Sync infotainment system has easy use, advanced driver aid, and features like BlueCruise’s hands-free highway driving capabilities. In the 2024 Expedition model, this audio system also boasts 12 speakers for rich sound quality.

Timberline & Stealth Packages: Off-Road Prowess

Ford’s largest SUV offers all the power, comfort, and features you would expect: seating eight passengers comfortably while easily towing a boat behind it. Standard features include Ford’s Sync infotainment system with a 12-inch touchscreen interface as well as portrait-oriented 15.5-inch screen options; all versions include subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot service as well as Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility, four USB ports and 22-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system for ultimate satisfaction.

In 2022, the Expedition received some updates. For instance, the Timberline Edition was introduced as a special off-road trim level featuring unique grille and exterior trim details and a more aggressive stance. Furthermore, it can be equipped with the Stealth Package to increase horsepower and give it a sportier appearance; plus, its sturdy build helps it tackle off-road trails easily while towing boats and carrying more gear than its rivals.

Ford’s Off-Road Packages

Ford introduced two off-road packages for 2022 that will likely return – Timberline Edition with increased horsepower to 440 and 22-inch wheels with stiffer suspension. Stealth Package adds 22-inch wheels with stiffer suspension. Both options provide great options for those who love exploring their surroundings – particularly considering that Expedition is among the most capable SUVs for off-roading.

The 2024 Ford Expedition builds upon years of premium Ford styling cues, such as its signature large front grille with bold “Ford” lettering and linear headlights that blend into its seamless bumper design. Wheel rim options vary by trim; you may opt for 20-inch lightweight alloys for maximum visual impact.

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Inside, the Expedition offers an ample 12.0-inch touchscreen running the Ford Sync 4 system – or optionally a vertical 15.5-inch version for rear passengers – as well as over-the-air updates to customize your experience, including a Bang & Olufsen stereo with 22 speakers that provide impressive sound. And to give you peace of mind on the road, all-wheel drive options are also available.


Ford’s Expedition is a three-row SUV with truck-like capabilities and can tow up to 9,300 pounds, making it a worthy rival to General Motors’ Tahoe and Jeep’s Wagoneer. 2024 Expedition models received updated styling, new Timberline, Stealth Performance Packages, and major technological enhancements like Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free highway driving system.

The Expedition comes standard with a 12-inch infotainment screen running the latest version of Sync, while an optional 15.5-inch vertical option provides over-the-air upgrades and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

The Expedition Platinum trim level boasts several luxurious features, including a dual-spar mesh grille and chrome-finished fog lamps on its exterior. On its interior, you’ll find a leather-trimmed steering wheel and premium seating with multiple lumbar support zones – plus, you can opt for the Bang & Olufsen (r) Unleashed Sound System, which features 22 speakers and a subwoofer. Plus, it can tow 9,000 pounds and boasts more ground clearance than other trim levels!


In conclusion, the 2024 Ford Expedition is a true powerhouse SUV that seamlessly blends luxury, comfort, and impressive performance. With its twin-turbocharged V6 engine, the 2024 Ford Expedition delivers enough power to take on rough terrain and tow heavy loads easily.

Inside the 2024 Ford Expedition, the spacious cabin accommodates up to eight passengers easily, while its advanced infotainment systems like the Bang & Olufsen sound provide an unparalleled entertainment experience. Whether taking a long road trip, commuting to work, or towing a heavily loaded trailer for a weekend getaway, the 2024 Ford Expedition is one of the best SUV cars for anyone looking for a capable and comfortable SUV.

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