2025 Fiat 500e: Full Specs, Pricing, Release Date & Reviews

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Brand Fiat
Model 2025 500e
Price $30,000
Release Date Late 2024

FIAT 2025 Fiat 500e Will Be Available in Late 2024. According to unofficial news, the 2025 Fiat 500e’s expected release date is November 2024. Very soon, We’ll inform you of the official Launch Date of this Car with an official price. So, please stay connected with us and see the other information like Review, Performance, and Full Specification.

As the world continues to shift toward electric vehicles, FIAT aims its newest model at the niche of small urban EVs. Its 2025 500e will debut at the 2024 LA Auto Show and will be available in Late 2024, though no production specs have been announced yet. Despite the lack of specifics, this new electric version of the tiny 500 looks as cute and unique as its predecessor.

The company isn’t wasting any time getting the word out about the car, either. A pair of stylish, one-off 500e designer cars — made in partnership with fashion brand Giorgio Armani, furniture maker Kartell, and jeweller Bvlgari — are currently touring the country.

2025 Fiat 500e: Pricing, Release Date & Full Specs

Aspect Fiat 500e Specification
Length: 3,632 mm (143.0 in)
Width: 1,748 mm (68.8 in)
Height: 1,527 mm (60.1 in)
Wheelbase: 2,332 mm (91.8 in)
Power: 117 hp
Torque: 220 Nm (162 lb.-ft)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Acceleration Time: 9.5 Seconds
Top Speed: 60 mph
Battery Pack Capacity: 42 kWh
Maximum WLTP Range : 2-door hatchback: 190 km (118 miles)
Convertible: 190 km (118 miles)
Maximum AC Charging Power: 85-kW
  • glares that turn heads.
  • Reasonable electric range.
  • The town had a snappy performance.


  • firmness over bumps.
  • The rear seats are crowded and difficult to access.
  • Small and impractical, the boot.

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

2025 500e Review & Performance

Fiat is hoping that it will be able to tap into the popularity of these designer special editions to sell more standard production models. If the 500e is a hit, expect a few more special-edition versions of the car rolling out, including a performance Abarth variant and maybe even a luxury Gucci-branded model, depending on how things go with sales and demand.

While the design of the 500e is essentially the same as the second-generation model, there are some changes under the skin to make it comply with the upcoming federal fuel economy and emissions standards. A 42-kWh battery pack powers a 117-horsepower electric motor, which can get the car from a dead stop to 60 mph in a claimed nine seconds. The 500e can also be charged up to 80% in just 35 minutes using DC fast charging.

The steering wheel is a two-spoke design with an elegant rim, and the centre console features controls for the infotainment system and cruise control as well as a round 8-inch digital display.

2025 Fiat 500e Release Date

The 2025 Fiat 500e is already available for pre-order in parts of Europe, and deliveries are set to begin in October 2024. It has yet to be officially announced when the updated model will hit the North American market, but it is expected to hit as Late as 2024.

2025 Fiat 500e Price

The Fiat 500e will be price at a premium above the $30,000 base MSRP of the regular gasoline-powered model. Still, the extra cost might not deter some buyers from making it their next city commuter with its EPA-rated 199-mile range and ability to add more miles in less than five minutes when using an 85-kW fast charger.

The 2025 Fiat 500e should be a good option for many people whose daily commutes involve short drives around town. If Fiat can promote its unique look and feel, it could be a solid choice for young customers who want to make a statement with their rides.

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