2024 DeLorean Alpha 5: Pricing, Full Review & Release Date

DeLorean Alpha 5

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The legendary DeLorean brand will surprise us with the new flagship model, the 2024 DeLorean Alpha5. Like the DMC-12, the car follows the iconic coupe outline with gull-wing doors. An electric battery pack of 100KWh and a V6 gasoline engine were invented here. To know details, Stay with us.

When is DeLorean Alpha 5 Released?

Delorean has not announced the official release date of Alpha 5. Hopefully, it come soon to hit the world market. We guess from some social sites that its Expected Release Date is Early 2024.

2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Basic Information:

Alpha 5 is about to appear with surprising and thought-provoking features. Let’s take a brief look at these features.

Brand Delorean
Model  2024 Alpha 5
Made in USA
Release Date Early in 2024
Engine V6 gasoline engine
Engine Power 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds
Battery Pack 100KWh
Length 196.6 inches
Hight 53.9 inches
Width 80.4 inches
Range 300 miles

2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Interior:

It will have large front and rear bucket seats covered in red and grey. There is a large touchscreen in the centre of the car. Also, there are two cup holders. The car uses grey on the steering wheel and white Alcatraz on the driver’s side horn pad. The car has a push-start stop button and an electronic parking brake on the roof. Wide gulling doors.

How much is the DeLorean Alpha 5 Cost?

The DeLorean Company has announced that only 9,531 Alpha5 will be built, slightly more than the original DeLorean-built DMC. CNET estimates a price of around $125,000 for the US. Here, We give you Alpha 5 Prices in different countries.

DeLorean Alpha 5

DeLorean Alpha 5

Country Name Expected Price
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in USA $125,000.
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in UK GBP 100473.13
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in Canada CA$ 167906.25
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in Australia AUD 188935.88
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in Germany EUR 116640.00
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in Kuwait KWD 38463.75
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in Qatar QAR 455062.50
2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Price in Singapore

SGD 168662.50

2024 DeLorean Alpha 5 Engine, Power & Performance :

It is a Peugeot-Renault-Volvo V6 petrol engine. It was initially installed on the DMC-12. The engine was replaced with an electric motor. That’s 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and 88 mph in 4.35 seconds. Top speed of 155mph. It can cover over 300 miles by the EPA and has a 0.23 drag coefficient.

 2024 Alpha 5 Exterior:

The full Measurement of Alpha 5 is a Length of 196.6 inches, a Width of 80.4 inches &Height of 53.9 inches. It has large wheels at the front and rear and slim lights. Due to its curved body, the charging port is located on the driver’s side front fender. A sweeping roofline is invented here. Gull wing doors open easily with a touch of the hand on either side of the C-pillar.

Battery Life & Range:

The company has integrated an electric fast chargeable battery here. Battery capacity is 100KWh. This modern battery can easily travel 300 miles after a full charge. And it will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

Alpha 5 Pros & Cons:


  • Fast and powerful
  • Good mileage and efficiency


  • Still at the concept level
  • Cargo space is small

DeLorean Alpha 5

DeLorean Alpha 5 Safety Features:

  • Emergency braking
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Hands-free driving.

I have tried to give you information about the 2024 DeLorean Alpha 5: Pricing, Full Review & Release Date. You can reply quickly if you have questions or comments; thank you all.

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